The "Best of the Best" Award

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The Best of the Best award is deigned to recognize the “best” entrepreneur from among the award recipients each year. It is the person from among the award recipients that best exemplifies what it means to be an entrepreneur. Each award recipient is evaluated in terms of taking risks and building a successful enterprise that creates jobs and value where none existed before.

The Best of the Best Award is presented at the conclusion of the Spirit of the Entrepreneur event by representatives from the award sponsor, Best Best & Krieger LLP (BB&K). The award is selected by a special group of judges that includes past Spirit award recipients and a representative from BB&K.

Kathy Griset 2

2015 Best of the Best Award Recipient

Kathy Griset
Cibaria International, Inc. - Riverside

Managing an olive oil company for someone else and feeling restricted in what she could sell, who she could sell to, and how she should sell it, single mother Kathy Griset created her own firm, Cibaria International Incorporated in 1998. Since that time the company has been selling edible oils and balsamic vinegars in branded and private labels. Located in Riverside, the firm has a 130,000 square foot building, with plans to add a 20,000 square foot clean-room facility and 328,000 gallon tank storage. As a result, Griset plans to double the firm’s sales in the next 3-5 years.

Adel Sayegh - Best of the Best

2014 Best of the Best Award Recipient

Adel Sayegh
Universal Surveillance Systems, LLC - Rancho Cucamonga

19 years ago, Adel Sayegh started selling electronic article surveillance tags and systems from his garage. Today, after changing from selling used product to manufacturing new, innovative products, Universal Surveillance Systems LLC of Rancho Cucamonga is an industry leader in providing solutions to prevent and deter theft in retail stores and other locations. The company, now the largest privately held loss prevention solutions company in the US, manufactures state-of-the-art electronic article tags, access control systems and closed-circuit television systems for customers such as Nordstrom, Macys, Bloomingdales and Rite Aid. Driven by an active research and development department, the company has pioneered new industry innovations with over 100 patents issued or pending.

Myers - Best of Best Award

2013 Best of the Best Award Recipient

Gary and Sally Myers
BMW Management, Inc. - Temecula

BMW Management, Inc. of Temecula is the largest Sizzler Restaurant franchisee in the US with 23 restaurants and also owns and operates two Richie's Real American Diners and a joint venture with Texas Roadhouse. Owners Gary and Sally Myers have a long history with Sizzler and several years ago recognized the brand had become mundane. On their own initiative, they have single-handedly revitalized a declining Sizzler brand to create the New Generation Sizzler Restaurant through redesign, renovation and a heavy dose of innovation. The Myers’ have worked together for more than 36 years and have cultivated a business atmosphere that adds value to the lives of others. Their focus on local employment, community involvement, and sustainable employment sets them apart from other franchise owners.

Best of the Best Winner

2012 Best of the Best Award Recipient

Chris Ma
Vantage LED - Ontario

Working in the LED manufacturing industry, Chris Ma spotted several opportunities that his employer was not interested in pursuing. As a result, Ma founded Ontario-based Vantage LED, Incorporated in 2003 to manufacture and sell LED displays for outdoor advertising. The company, which manufactures its products in the US, has grown by solving some of the industry’s biggest problems: long lead times, quality issues, and complicated end-user software. Vantage is poised to revolutionize the billboard industry through new innovations such as redundant systems in their displays and the development of a nationwide system of controlling electronic billboard content in real-time.